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The Body's Musical Instrument

In Yoga, the spinal column is compared to the Veena and Meru, the central point of the river of energy, originating from the spine.

Like the Veena, the spine has vertebrae or knobs as well as nerves that can be tuned like strings to produce the sound or vibration of health, happiness, harmony, balance, and rhythm.

Yoga, if done with attention, will naturally and effortlessly begin to change how one lives and thinks.

The awareness of working with the body and gravity not only allows for the deepening of the asanas but also when one's practice goes beyond a form of exercise, it transforms into simply a way of living.

Manas though young of age but a veteran of yoga, does just that. He transforms the most advanced asanas to look like the most simple ones. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yogashala and Manas wish all a happy and very healthy 2023, hoping yoga becomes a way of living for all.


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